Calling All Descendants Who Tested Their DNA

DNA – Calling ALL Bittick or Bitticks Descendants Who Have Tested With:
23andMe ~ AncestryDNA ~ Family Tree DNA

We are looking for anyone who has Bittick or Bitticks ancestry to join our the Bittick Project. is a free website that accepts raw data files from 23andMe, AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA.

IF you have done testing with one of the above companies and uploaded your raw data file to
Gedmatch – please contact us with Your Name and Kit Number.

(A = AncestryDNA M = 23andMe T = Family Tree DNA.

IF you have tested but NOT uploaded your raw data file to Gedmatch – please contact us for directions on uploading your file.

The goal of the Bittick Project at Gedmatch is to connect Bittick Cousins. By doing this we hope
to find clues to the possible parents of several Bittick lines where no paper trail exists to prove
their parents. Female and Male descendants DNA hold the clues!

Bittick’s where the parents are unknown.
We’re looking for descendants of:

  • John R. Bittick b. c1770-75 NC: lived in North Carolina and Tennessee
  • Samuel F. Bittick b. 1790 NC: lived in Tennessee
  • Robert Bittick b. c1788 NC: lived in Arkansas
  • Jonathan Bittick b. 1796 NC: lived in Arkansas and Texas
  • Willis Henry Bittick b. 1817 MO: lived in Missouri and Texas
  • Perry Bittick b. c1822 MO: lived in Missouri
  • Julius Bittick b. c1825 MO: lived in Missouri
  • William Bittick b. c1825-31 MO: lived in Missouri
  • Francis ‘Frank’ Bittick b. c1829 MO: lived in Missouri
  • Simeon Sylvester Bittick b. c1832 MO: lived in Missouri
  • Eliza Jane Bittick b. 1838 MO: lived in Missouri